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The MyPBX is a fully VoIP based system, but can be changed to a hybrid system by adding modules. Adding an Analog FXS/FXO or combined module is the solution to connect the MyPBX to the PSTN network or to connect analog phones to the MyPBX.
By adding modules the MyPBX can be changed to suit every situation.

Uplink via VoIP provider

The MyPBX is a fully VoIP based system. Configure a VoIP trunk based on the SIP or IAX protocol and you can call right away.
All devices based on the SIP protocol, such as phones, softphones, smartphones, tablets or even software, can be used to connect to the MyPBX.

Multiple locations (VoIP)

The MyPBX provide seamless communications between sites. Enjoy the benefits of extension to extension calls via your data network, extending your available resources across your multiple locations.
The MyPBX can also be used for employees who want to connect a phone from their home office.

Combine the MyPBX with a traditional PBX

If you want to replace your traditional PBX with a MyPBX, but are unable to migrate at once, you can use the MyPBX to connect your traditional PBX. In this way both PBX systems will act like one.
This will give you the option to have a longer period for the migration.

Microsoft Lync connection

The MyPBX can be used to connect to Microsoft Lync. This will give you the opportunity to combine the functionality of both the MyPBX and Microsoft Lync.

High availability / redundancy setup

The term "high availability" refers to a server solution designed to increase service availability. The MyPBX redundancy setup requires two identical MyPBX systems. One MyPBX will become the active server and the other the passive server.
Once the high availability setup is made, the active MyPBX will replicate his configuration and data to the passive MyPBX to keep it up to date. If the active MyPBX crashes or fails the service will failover to the passive server.


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MyPBX U100 es un soporte de 1U de rack modelo IP PBX de hasta 100 usuarios. Internamente, es compatible con el acceso a la red para ISDN BRI, PSTN, GSM / UMTS y VoIP. Alto rendimiento, estabilidad y compatibilidad, combinado con una gran funcionalidad hacen MyPBX U100 perfectamente adecuado para su comunicación empresarial.

Usuarios: 100 
Las llamadas concurrentes: 25 
Correo de voz: 3000min defecto (actualizable) 
Auto-Grabación (Add-on): Apoyo

Hasta 16 puertos analógicos (FXO / FXS) 
Hasta 8 puertos GSM (Quad-Band GSM / GPRS850 / 900/1800 / 1900MHz) 
Hasta 8 puertos UMTS (UMTS 900/2100 MHz o 850/2100 MHz o 850 / 1900MHz) 
Hasta 8 puertos BRI 
Un puerto RS232 
LAN: 1 (10/100 Mbps) 
WAN: 1 (10/100 Mbps) 
USB: 1 (USB2.0) 
Audio In / Out: Apoyado

Tamaño: 340x210x44 mm 
Peso: 2,1 kg

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M2FXO Module

S2 Module

SO Module

B2 Module

GSM Module

UMTS Module